Ready to streamline your space-planning?

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Layout your space quickly & efficiently

You'll have everything you need to put our modular casework system directly into your design.

Build elevations digitally

Find the areas of waste and rework before your construction documents are finalized. 

Select details upfront

Define the details that complete your project, from glass doors to pulls. Keep the entire project team involved in changes and decisions!

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With these files, you'll be able to effortlessly create necessary elements of design and improve your production timetable. Quickly plan and create layouts, elevations and section details at your convenience.

Make your project process easier

You live in a world of section views, elevations and schedules. Because of that, so do we.

Increase productivity, minimize waste and reduce turnaround time with these Autocad files. More importantly, maintain the integrity of your vision for a building through the design, documentation and construction processes.

“Shield Casework's modular system was very easy to work with from a design standpoint. The clean, elegant design gave the room a polished look that felt healthy and sanitary in the space.”

John Ho

Project Manager, Hollis + Miller Architects

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